How To Fix Pocophone F1 PUBG Notch Problem Without Root

By MOHD UMIR Dec7,2018
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Hello Guys Welcome in my blog and today i show you how to fix pubg mobile notch problem in Pocophone f1.

So let’s get Started

Here is Some Steps to Fix Notch Problem.

  1. First update your Phone to latest version.

    Go-to settings and about phone and system update first check for updates and if update available download and install it and after check problem solved or not if not follow next step.

  2. And problem not solved with previous step follow this.

    Fist Start PUBG MOBILE and go-to home and leave the game running into background and go-to settings and full screen display and off notch display and open PUBG MOBILE and again go-to and leave the game running into background and full screen display and turn on notch display and again Start the game and you can now see notch problem fixed.

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