Fix “Someone Has Access to Your Screen” Warning in Android Phones 2024

By MOHD UMIR Mar2,2024
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if you are getting a strange Warning message on your Android phone screen as following.

Someone has access to your screen.

If you didn’t share your screen using com.colorjump.nearme.gamecenter, stop and uninstall this app, then restart your phone. Google has hidden your sensitive content for security.

Then it’s means you’re in big trouble because it’s a spyware Virus that steals victims personal information like.

  • OTP Messages.
  • Precise Location.
  • Call logs.
  • Contacts.
  • Gaining Access to Images or Videos.

How to Fix This Warning.

Follow these steps to fix this strange warning problem.

  1. First Download and install SpyApps Finder Application in your phone.

    SpyApps Finder Application Required for Scanning Spyware Virus Apps in your Phone.

  2. Open SpyApps Finder Application and wait for scanning Results.

  3. After All the Apps list Is Visible then Click on Spy Apps Tab.

  4. And you can see Virus app in the list named as “com.colorjump.nearme.gamecenter”.

  5. Click on it and open Application Info Window.

  6. After opening Application Info Window first Click on Force Stop button then Click on Uninstall Button.

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