Top 5 Best Music Mixer And Music Maker (Dj) Apps For Android And IOS 2019

By Gose Alam Dec1,2018
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Hello Guys welcome in my blog and today I share with you Top Best Music Editor’s And Music Maker Apps For Android/IOS

So Let’s Get Started.


  1.  turntables, full-fledged 3-band EQ mixer – with DJM EQ presetS
  2. Sampler 12 sample banks + possibility to record your own samples (in-app)Mix SoundCloud: explore, play and mix all SoundCloud New Waveform view: scratch & see the music + set cue accurately
  3. Separate Tabs: swipe to display different panels on each side
  4. Large buttons, optimized for small screens
  5. Crossfader with 3 modes: cut, autofade, normal
  6. Music player is compatible with MP3s, AAC, FLAC and more
  7. Multiple sorting options: sort your library by title, artist, album, BPM or length
  8. Navigation by folder
  9. Large control pads: XY effect pad, 16 hot-cues pads
  10. Optimized for mobile & tablet
  11. Optimized for Intel processors

Edjing music  is the one of the best music mixer on Mobile devices.


  1. automatic BPM (Beats per minute) detection for all your songs
  2. Tap BPM feature to manually adjust the BPM of your tracks
  3. continuous sync between your two tracks
  4. a little audio spectrum to navigate in your music
  5. a wide audio spectrum for optimised beats detection
  6. pro audio FX: Echo, Flanger, Reverse
  7. audio FX expansion (in-app purchase): Roll, Filter, Steel, Color Noise, Beatgrid…and more!
  8. automated audio FX sync on the beats (loop, cue, seek)
  9. loops: from 1/4 to 8, or customizable through ‘in’ and ‘out’ point
  10. set up to 4 Hot Cues on each deck
  11. EQ three bands and Gain
  12. Pre-cueing with headphones (in-app purchase)
  13. Automix mode to let edjing mix and do seamless transitions between your tracks
  14. ultra precise scratch
  15. a “Slip” mode that can be activated for Loops and Scratch
  16. HD recording of your mixes and scratch routines in .wav format
  17. 4 skins to customize your turntables (in-app purchase): Diamond, Gold, Neon, Metal


  1. Wide compatibility : Android 2.3 and more
  2. 2 virtual turntables with cross fader
  3. Customize your decks with up to 7 skins!
  4. Unique scratch engine and disc physics
  5. Access and browse your mp3 music library by folder, artist, album, name
  6. Edit and re-order playlist
  7. 8 sound effects: Flanger, Phaser, Gate, Reverb, Bit crusher, 3D, Brake and FlippingDouble
  8. 3-bands equalizer for each deck
  9. 10 customizable sample pads
  10. One CUE/RECALL point per deck
  11. IN/OUT and beat based loops
  12. Pre-Cueing with headphones or Y-cable
  13. Automatic landscape and portrait mode
  14. Live record your mixes with the built-in recorder
  15. Auto-mix feature (random & playlist modes)
  16. Share your mixes on the SoundCloud social network
  17. Live sound spectrum view with beats detection and zoom
  18. Use your wave and mp3 music library
  19. Designed for Nexus devices
  20. Share with friends on social networks with Facebook, Tweeter or Google+
  21. Compatible with iRigMIX™ from IK Multimedia*

02 – G-Stomper studio. Paid

Full-featured, High-Quality Groovebox Workstation, perfect for Live Performance!


  1. Drum Machine : Sample based Drum Machine, max 24 Tracks
  2. Sampler Track Grid : Grid based Multi Track Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks
  3. Sampler Note Grid : Monophonic Melodic Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks
  4. Sampler Drum Pads : 24 Drum Pads for live playing
  5. VA-Beast Synthesizer : Polyphonic Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (Advanced FM support, Waveform and Multi-Sample based Synthesis)
  6. VA-Beast Poly Grid : Polyphonic Step Sequencer, max 12 Tracks
  7. Audio Editor : Graphical Sample Editor/Recorder
  8. Line Mixer : Mixer with up to 36 Channels (Parametric 3-band Equalizer + Insert Effects per Channel)
  9. Effect Rack : 3 chainable Effect Units
  10. Master Section : 2 Sum Effect Units
  11. Pattern Set : Live Pattern/Song Arranger with 64 concurrent Patterns
  12. Timing & Measure : Tempo, Swing Quantization, Time Signature, Measure
  13. Piano Keyboard : On various Screens (8 Octaves switchable)

01- Caustic 3 Free/Paid

A real-time music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizers / samplers.


  1. Subsynth – Virtual analog subtractive synthesizer
  2. PCMSynth – Multi-sample wave synthesizer 
  3. BassLine – 303-like monosynth
  4. BeatBox – 8-channel sampling drum machine
  5. PadSynth – Harmonic table pad synthesizer
  6. 8BitSynth – 8bit equation solver synthesizer
  7. Modular – Fully configurable and routable synthesizer
  8. Organ – Hammond-like tonewheel organ with rotary speaker
  9. Vocoder – 8-band harmonic vocoder
  10. FMSynth – DX-style 3-operator fm synthesizer
  11. KSSynth – Karplus-Strong string modeling synth
  12. SawSynth – Supersaw-type polysynth (new!)

Thanks for Reading!

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By Gose Alam

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