Best and Fastest File Transfer App for Android 2021 (Made in India)

By MOHD UMIR Sep6,2021
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Do you want to know which is the best or fasted file transfer app for Android and also made in india and without any kind of advertisement, so this article is for you.

So on the basis of file transfer speed and Fast Connection Establishment process between sender and receiver UmiShare is the best File Transfer App on Google Play and if you can’t able to believe this than you can try this cool app by yourself get it on Google Play.

Key Features of UmiShare File Transfer :-

  • Comes Without Any Kind of Advertising (No Ads)
  • No Need To Manually Turn On Hotspot or Wifi
  • No Need To Scan QR Code for Connecting Devices.
  • Do All the Necessary Connection Settings Automatically.
  • Ultra Fast 300Mbps Transfer Speed (Depends on Device)
  • Works on Android 11+ Devices
  • By Directional File Transfer Supported
  • You can share Videos, Documents, Audio files in 2 Simple Steps.

And you can see a Speed test Sample Video of this app here

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