[Solved] Connect HDMI GPU with VGA Monitor without loosing Pictures Quality

By MOHD UMIR Sep18,2020
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Quaries Solved in this Article.

  • How to connect hdmi graphic card to vga monitor.
  • HDMI to VGA without loosing Graphics Quality.
  • Best HDMI to VGA Converter.

So finally you are here after searching a lot on the internet about your problem, How you can connect your old VGA Monitor with HDMI Graphic card, or any other HDMI output source like laptops, tablets, console etc.

The solution of your problem is simple as most of you already know about, that you need a HDMI to VGA converter That suits your need but you are confused about which CONVERTER is good or reliable. So in this article i am suggesting you a Good and reliable HDMI to VGA converter.

Best HDMI to VGA converter.

I found a lot of HDMI to VGA Converters online stores but their is something wrong with most of them people’s facing many problems like, Black screen, no signal, screen flickering, and many more so i decided to test some of them my own.

So i found a good product that is working perfectly with my RX 5700 XT Graphic card, and Dell 20inch IPS Monitor. You can buy this from Amazon.

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