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How to play Fortnite on Samsung Galaxy A10



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Article updated on 17/11/2020

Samsung Galaxy A10 was launched in February 2019. And Galaxy A10 is one of the most Popular Smartphone of Samsung in Budget Segment. It is powered by samsung Exynos 7884 octa core processor and 2GB of ram and for graphics processing it have Mali-G71 MP2 GPU and Galaxy A10 Runs on Android 9. And it is Good Phone for Normal uses or Low Gaming.

• Samsung Galaxy A10 Full Specifications.
DISPLAY6.2 inches
CPUSamsung Exynos 7884, Octa Core, 1.6 GHz Processor
GPUMali-G71 MP2
BATTERY3400 mAh, Li-ion Battery
OPERATING SYSTEMAndroid v9.0 (Pie)
Accelerometer, Proximity
• Can Galaxy A10 Support Fortnite?

If you Want to Play Fortnite on Galaxy A10 that is not possible Officially. Becouse Samsung Galaxy A10 is not Supported by the Fortnite Android right now officially.

Fortnite Android Needs a Device which have the Following Specifications.

CPUSD675+/Helio P70+/Kirin 710+ or Higher
GPUAdreno 612+ and mali t880 and Mali-G71 and Mali-G72 and up
Internal storageMinimum 10gb Free Space
Android Version7.1 and higher
• Is there is any way to play Fortnite on Samsung Galaxy A10?

Yes there is one method is Available to play Fortnite on Samsung Galaxy A10. Which is that You can install Modified APK Files and bypass the device not Supported Problem.

• How it’s possible to play Fortnite On Galaxy A10?

Fortnite developers makes a hardware detection system in his game to detect phone hardware and check for required specifications and in this hardware detection system developers only added those phones which is powered by high end processors or 3gb+ Ram.

And Currently in the market there is some phones available who can run fortnite in low graphics quality easily but the game developers make those phones incompatible and so i found a way to play this game on those phones who have capability to run Fortnite in low graphics quality.

• How to Download Fixed APK
• How to Fix Your Device is not Supported Problem on Galaxy A10?

Follow this steps :

  1. First Go-to Epic Games Official website and create a new Account.

    Skip this step if you already have an Account.

  2. After creating the account download fortnite installer or Fortnite Patched APK Latest Versions (Device not supported error solved apk).

    only download fortnite installer which is i give you. Because i modified this for bypassing the Device Not Supported Problem. [Download Tutorial is Available after this Paragraph].

  3. Then install Fortnite installer and Fortnite APK

    First install the installer then APK.

  4. After these steps Launch The Game From Fortnite Installer.

  5. Now the game ask to Download Data files (4.43Gb).

    If you want the files in parts Comment in the comment section.

  6. Enjoy the Game.

    If you have kickout problem after Jumping the bus so tell me in comments section.

• Video Tutorial How to play Fortnite on Galaxy a10.

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    And psp emulator and enjoy

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